Grass Jelly (3kg)

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Grass Jelly is one of the popular dessert in Southeast Asia. Grass Jelly is made out of tea which is from the stalk and leaves of this plant called Chinese Mesona. It can be served as a dessert or pairing grass jelly with iced milk tea / coffee is a great choice.

  • 3 kg /Bottle
  • 6 Cans / CTN
  • Store in the Cool and Dry place out of direct sunlight and keep it tightly closed


  • Mix 160g of starch with 1000cc of cold water and stir well
  • Put 900g of granulated sugar in the pot
  • Boil 8000ml of water
  • Pour the starch into the pot, stirring well and turn the heat off
  • Pour 3000g of grass jelly syrup into the pot, stir constantly and scrape the bubble from the surface
  • Pour hot grass jelly syrup into a plastic food container. Scrape the bubble from the surface
  • Refrigerate 4°C after the jelly are chilled

Refrigerate 4°C and consume within 2 days.